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Archie Clayton Middle School8

Reno, NV | Washoe County


September 3, 2014

Okay, I have been going to this for all three years, (6,7,8) and I've got to say it's been pretty... Average. I loved my teachers and they taught me a lot, but there are certain teachers who are very biased. I'm not just trying to say this because I was a student here, but some teachers are more based on 'favorites'. You would be dress coded by them for wearing a jacket in the middle of winter, while other kids would be allowed to keep a jacket on! Specifically my English teacher had probably been the worst teacher I ever had. I now have a new English teacher in high school who has helped me with everything I DIDNT LEARN. My teacher at clayton would give us assignments on what she never taught us, she would yell at kidswho were doing nothing wrong! I have talked to all my classmates about the issue, and they all agreed. It probably seems like I'm exaggerating, but I swear on anything it's true. Besides my god awful English teacher my other teachers were great, I especially loved my math teacher who has helped the class so much! She treats us as if we are equals. It can be really hard sometimes, but she always helps us through it! That's about it, sorry for my rant.

June 15, 2013

Top leadership! Top teachers! GT Magnet ROCKS! Bruce Meissner has raised the bar at Clayton. My student participates in the GT (GATE, Accelerated Learner) magnet program. It is outstanding because of the teaching quality. Best quote of the year: "Mom, I'm actually good at Math." (thanx Ms. Jenny Salls) from my daughter that hated it all through elementary. She transferred in from another school zone to attend the GT magnet and it was the best decision. Her self-confidence has soared. Yes, the school appearance isn't sparkly and new like others in the district but the heart is solid 24k gold. Go Buffalos!

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November 7, 2012

After having spent time/gas and money to take my grandson $ to buy a Clayton School sweatshirt the staff in the office was very helpful and promised me that my grandson would be told that his order had been placed by his grandma (nani) and that the "cash" insisted upon would be given along with the order form to the teacher in charge of this particular project. Come to find out my grandson was NEVER TOLD THAT I PD FOR HIS SWEATSHIRT & the order had been placed 3 days before it was due!! This school leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to cash only projects! good thing I insisted on a receipt!!

December 14, 2011

I love this middle school. After moving to a different school zone, we had to enroll my son in Clayton instead of Swope where all his grade school friends are going. At first he was very disappointed in having to change to a different school zone and having to make new friends. But now I think it is the best middle school in Reno; my son loves it, is super motivated, and his friends at the other school are not as happy with their middle school experience as my son is. Clayton has a special way of motivating kids and keeping them excited about learning. I love this school!

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August 11, 2010

This school is the best middle school I have enrolled my daughter in. She used to bring me C's and D's but now she brings me A's and B's. The teachers are great and the students are respectful.

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January 18, 2009

After transferring from another middle school I as a parent have been deeply disappointed in Clayton. Some of the teachers appear angry dissatisfied burned-out or incompetent. My strong intelligent healthy daughter has become tainted and is learning not to achieve to her best ability. Get it together Clayton these are our future leaders, teachers, and clergy.

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August 25, 2008

it is an awesome school it made me love school! we had so much fun but still learned what we needed to.

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April 8, 2008

This school has a strange way of helping students stay positive. Maybe instead of running them off and not taking the time to listen to them they might actually want to be part of school events and play school sports. It's really sad when you actually have a good student that ends up being pushed from staying on the right track.

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