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Jock helped me find a house after I moved to Reno. He brings an analytical approach to the art of house buying. Jock never tried to push me into anything, rather he would always show me the pros and cons so I could make an informed choice. He is very knowledgeable about the macro trends of the market, the area and provided statistical information on the future appreciation of every choice that I had to make such as the location, community, landscaping, etc. He always accommodated my work schedule to bring me to showings and even went above & beyond offering opinions on selection of interiors, options, mortgages, etc. As is his natural tendency, everything was always backed up with numbers. Jock is outstanding at what he does and I would be happy to work with him again in future.

by Likhith Madamanchi - Tesla Engineer

After completing an exhausting overseas job hunt, the thought that came to mind was OK, next step is to get a house. At almost that exact moment, I was contacted by Jock through LinkedIn. We worked together for 1 month before I moved back to the USA. This preparation meant that we found the house that was best fit for our family quickly and without much hassle. So, Jock's ability to read the client and anticipate their needs is a strong point. If we started the search only after we arrived, it would have been much tougher. He helped us get into our new life as smooth as possible. Much appreciated! In addition, Jock has an extensive background in technology so for technical professionals moving to the Reno area for Tesla, Panasonic, Google, Apple, Switch, etc. the conversation style and way of thinking will be what you like. I highly recommend you chose Jock to help you get into your new home without hassle.

by Nicholas Robinson - Panasonic Engineer

Jock was wonderful to work with. I am grateful to him for his patience and attentiveness. I know I could be a bit aggressive and demanding, but he took it in stride.

by Sheri Masini

I have worked with Jock both as a buyer and as a seller. I trust him as he demonstrated his honesty time and time again. Jock has great communication skills. He takes the time to listen and understand. Then, he takes the time to analyze and prepare a detailed answer. He is very competent yet, he would take the time to explain things in simple terms to me. I would definitely recommend Jock Ochiltree.

by Marwan Debees

Jock is a professional real estate agent that I have found to be of the highest integrity. He presents real estate fairly by pointing out both the good and poor features of the property so that the buyer gets the information they need to make an informed buying decision. He is very personable and a pleasure to work with. I am impressed with his knowledge of the real estate industry and that he is willing to give whatever it takes to give his clients the very best in real estate representation. I will recommend him to anyone who is interested in real estate.

by Hal Sims

Jock is a very personable, all-around great guy that will look out for your best interest. He provides a detailed analytical breakdown of the real estate market that no one else can match and is very knowledgeable about his real estate markets (especially if a golf course is nearby)!

by Lori Brownell

Highly professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He goes that extra mile and leaves no stone unturned. Exceptional research and planning eases significantly the House Hunting process. Always on time and willing to devote whatever time and resources necessary to get the job done. I recommend him highly. Simply the best.

by Rich Kampe

Jock has consistently shown a high degree of professional skill and personal consideration in guiding us through a new and trying experience. He has gone the extra mile time and again to move this process along and to help and advise us in a related matter.

by Joanne Metzger

Working with Jock is like having the finest, most efficient business advisor available. Jock draws upon his background as a CEO, Business Owner, Real Estate Professional and family man to give warm, friendly and pertinent advice and help.

by Dave Winters

Jock is an excellent real estate agent. He has an amazing and interesting business background. Jock is extremely competent because he has so much experience to draw from. He thinks through all aspects of any decision and challenges everyone to think from other perspectives. Jock takes great care of his customers. He is very ethical and fair. He has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. He treats everyone around him with respect. I love working with Jock.

by Sherry Davidson - FL Broker
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